Renting a Bus for Corporations in New York City

Renting a Bus for Corporations in New York City

Corporations of all sizes in New York City turn to convenient and affordable charter bus rentals for all their transportation needs, ensuring their staff reaches all their events safely and reliably. From coordinating employee shuttle services, to securing cost-effective transportation to out-of-town retreats, NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals has you covered.

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Why New York City Shuttle Bus Rentals?

Flexible fleet and Lower Upfront Costs

Renting a charter bus in New York City has never been easier thanks to our online booking system and award-winning booking agents. With over 40,000 vehicles at your disposal, NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals works directly with you to find the perfect bus type for your group. Our on-demand model provides a great solution for capa is a great solution for capacity issues, eliminating the need for heavy upfront investment.

Access to 24/7 support

Our team of booking specialists are available 24/7, before, after, and during your trip, ensuring your charter bus rental runs smoothly. Whether you need to make last-minute changes to your itinerary, or need to make a special request, NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals can help you all the way.

Trusted Solutions Partner

NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals has implemented a number of safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, making it the safest method of group transportation in New York City. Each charter bus rental also comes with a fully-vetted and experienced driver with a proven track record of no prior incidents. We use our expertise in operations, technology implementation, and route analytics to your benefit, delivering a seamless corporate charter bus rental experience.

You're in good company

We’ve helped organizations big and small travel efficiently and affordably with our New York City charter bus rentals.

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Vehicles available for rent in New York City

NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals caters to corporations of all sizes, offering a versatile fleet of over 40,000 charter bus rentals. From the fully-equipped coach bus to the compact minibus and sprinter van, our team has forged meaningful partnerships with over 3,300 local bus providers across North America.

New York City Coach Bus Rentals

The most luxurious charter bus rental option, coach bus rentals come equipped with a variety of amenities, including comfortable seating, an onboard restroom, vehicle-wide air conditioning, power outlets, and hi-speed WIFI. Accommodating up to 55 people at a time, coach bus rentals in New York City are perfectly suited for transporting large corporate groups over longer distances.

Whether you use them for your employee shuttle or as a one off charter for an offsite, a coach bus rental ensures your team gets reliable and comfortable transportation.

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New York City Coach Bus Rentals

New York City Minibus Rentals

Purpose-built for economy and efficiency, minibus rentals in New York City provide corporations with an affordable and compact charter bus rental option. Each minibus rental comes with a fully-vetted driver, transporting your staff to and from their destination safely and reliably. It’s the best way for up to 21 members of your team to travel together comfortably.

The range of optional amenities for minibus includes air conditioning, power outlets, and hi-speed WIFI. Minibus rentals are typically used for corporate outings and trips involving shorter distances, representing a wallet-friendly and fuel-efficient option.

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New York City Minibus Rentals

New York City Sprinter Van Rentals

Sprinter van rentals in New York City offer corporations the unique ability to drive the vehicle themselves, and are ideal for transporting between eight and 15 employees at a time. Passenger van rentals can be equipped with different seating and cargo configurations depending on your corporation’s transportation needs, offering you the flexibility you need on the road.

Ideal for trips over shorter distances, sprinter van rentals can easily navigate through New York City’s traffic and congestion due to their compact size. Passenger van rentals can also come equipped with a fully-vetted and experienced driver, ensuring your group reaches their destination safely and on time.

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New York City Sprinter Van Rentals

New York City Mini Coach Bus Rentals

Mini coach bus rentals represent the perfect in-between the fully-sized coach bus and the compact minibus, accommodating up to 31 passengers at a time with ease. Mini coach bus rentals can be equipped with many of the same amenities as a coach bus, including air conditioning, WIFI, power outlets, and luxurious seating. In fact, the only amenity that cannot be added to a mini coach bus rental is the onboard restroom.

Corporations in New York City rely on mini coach bus rentals for their convenience and affordability, providing a cost-effective method of transportation for their staff. Equally suited for both longer and shorter distance trips, mini coach bus rentals epitomize versatility on the road.

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New York City Mini Coach Bus Rentals

New York City School Bus Rentals

Large corporations count on school bus rentals to get their staff to their destination safely, and reliably. School bus rentals are among the most cost-effective charter bus rental options available, eliminating unnecessary amenities to help keep costs streamlined.

While their lack of amenities offer significant cost-savings, keep in mind how you intend on using your charter bus rental before booking. School bus rentals can comfortably seat up to 47 passengers, and are perfectly suited for trips over shorter distances. Our fully-vetted and experienced driver will be there to greet your staff and drop them off when done.

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New York City School Bus Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Have we answered all your questions about renting a charter bus in New York City for your business?In case we didn’t, here are some of the most frequently asked questions, including charter bus rental prices, how to book a charter bus rental, and more.

What is NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals?

NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals is a leading online marketplace for charter buses and custom shuttle services. With over 40,000 vehicles at our disposal, we connect businesses, government and public organizations as well as large community groups with our fully-vetted and trusted local bus suppliers. Our team has an abundance of experience at coordinating group transportation for corporations of all sizes, ensuring your trip goes smoothly with a perfect bus type at a competitive rate. With NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals you have the ability to customize onboard technology and amenities, meeting all your business’ transportation needs.

How do I rent a bus near me in New York City?

Renting a charter bus for an upcoming corporate event has been simplified thanks to our on-demand transportation service and online booking system. Begin by getting in touch with our team of booking specialists and we will find the transportation solution that best suits your business.

Need something immediately? Begin by inputting your trip parameters, including distance travelled, group size, and desired amenities, and a detailed quote will be automatically generated in less than two minutes. If at any moment you have any questions or need to make a special request, our award-winning booking agents are available 24/7.

What determines the price of a bus rental in New York City?

Charter bus rental prices for corporate events in New York City are dependent on a number of factors. Common factors that can affect charter bus rental prices include but are not limited to, time of year, local availability, desired amenities, distance travelled, the driver’s on-duty time, as well as fuel prices. As such, it is always advisable to book your charter bus rental as soon as possible, typically between six to nine months in advance.

With the Book Now, Pay Later policy of NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals, you can defer the full payment of your charter bus rental up until 21 days before your departure date.

Can I arrange a long-term shuttle service?

Absolutely! You can rent a charter bus (or a fleet of them) for an extended period of time, ranging from several weeks to even months. Shuttle services are especially convenient for corporations looking to transport their staff safely and reliably between job-sites, training locations, and events. NYC Shuttle Bus Rentals will work directly with you to better understand your transportation needs and can easily organize a recurring shuttle service for your corporation in New York City.

How many passengers can each bus type fit?

Simply put, different charter bus rentals are suited for different groups and trip types. The coach bus is the largest charter bus rental available, accommodating up to 55 people at a time, while most school bus rentals can comfortably seat up to 47 members of your staff. Mini coach bus rentals and minibus rentals transport 31 and 21 passengers respectively, offering a cost-effective and reliable method of transportation. Finally, sprinter van rentals seat between eight and 15 passengers depending on the seating configuration you opt for.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Is there somebody I can speak to?

Our support team is there for you 24/7. Please reach out by emailing us at

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